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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 11:09 PM
Movie day.♥

It's been so long I never watch movie edi~
And I watch 2 movie in a day.
In the afternoon,
Khai Synn wanted to go to Pyramid for her X'Mas present
so she ask me to go with her.
All of a sudden she ask to watch a movie.
And because she used to work in TGV,
we dint need to queue and get the ticket. ^^
and we watched The Princess and The Frog.
I don't know why Hung Guan will say this movie not nice,
I think is kinda funny ^^
and the soh poh beside me keep on laugh =.=

Today my cousin from Kuantan came to KL.
Then he message me and ask me for a midnight show.
And he choose Avatar.

However, once we reached there.
Kai only realize he forgot to bring the ticket. Hoho~
Then we went to buy another ticket
it is different cinema hall with my cousin
and lucky we bought it late as the cinema hall haven start the movie yet.
So we dint miss out any part of the movie.
At first, I never expect much from this movie.
But once I saw their graphic.
It is awesome. Their storyline are great.
It is really worth to watch this movie

thanks for the movie

Sunday, December 20, 2009 3:33 PM
dota vs girlfriend

So, what so great bout the Dota?
Just a custom map game for Warcraft ? I guess so?
I know that there are lots of different types of heroes in that game.
And those guys can remember most of the items and heroes in that game.
But sometimes they just cant forget what their girlfriend just said.
or maybe they might forgot about their date and end up in the cyber cafe?
No wander my friend will say Dota is officially enermy of women?
maybe it is true?!

Hmm, i admit that a guy should at least know how to play that game.
Is true that the game require some extent of 'brain skill' as it need some strategy.
I love to watch my boyfriend play Dota too
and i'm trying to learn some from him.
But not spend his whole day playing that game.
or maybe his whole holiday playing that.
How i wish that he at least can spend some time to learn to play the song
that he promised he will play for me.
so in conclusion, when it comes to Dota versus girlfriend.
the girlfriend is unlikely to win a hero.


Monday, December 14, 2009 2:45 AM
my pudidu.

I don't know what to say,
but i just feel so happy and touching ^^
dont scold me when you saw this picture.

Sunday, October 11, 2009 11:13 AM
passion ♥ basketball

After my Tort class,
went to MABA to watch basketball match.
Is the first time I went there to watch basketball show
with Kai, Cheng, Lee Ying, Yao, and Xiang ^^
Due to traffic jam problem,
we reached there kinda late
but lucky we still manage to watch slam dunk competition.

After that, it is time for Malaysia vs Taiwan.
Taiwan players are good and they have good strategic.
I think this the reason they won.
But I still think Malaysia players are the best ^^
Malaysia vs Taiwan

took a picture with player number 13, Li Wei after the match
he is so tall ><

after class Kai came to college and fetch me go MABA.
Today is only both of us. ^^

Once we reached there
is Taiwan vs China.
After that is girl match, Malaysia vs Singapore.
The purpose we came here today is to watch Malaysia vs Korea.
All the Korean players are like born to shoot 3 point. ><
In the end Malaysia won ^^

Malaysia vs Korea
Green colour jersey is Malaysia team.

Monday, October 5, 2009 1:14 AM
Another weekend.

For chinese,
Sunday is the last day of the week.
That's why we called it Xi Qi ' Seven'
some people might treat it as the first day of the week.
Such as United States and Japan.

Is weekend, but I'm still having class today.
Is the first time that Kai fetch me to college ^^

After class, went snowflake with Bii.
And went to Summit to eat my favorite Tom Yam.
I ate 2 bowls of it. Fat fat fat...

Accompany him to go cut hair.
Stupid pose.

Went to play kite today again.
I felt so successful when my kite get to go up to the sky.

Oh, sorry Jon.
We can't make it to yam cha with you today.
Wish you all the best in France.
Take care ^^
See you in January 2010.

When I first open my eyes in the morning,
you're the one who appear in front of me.
It makes me feel so happy and sweet.

Shook restaurant.

Jon is going to leave Malaysia on 4 Oct' 09.
So Kai plan to treat him the 'last dinner'. lol
Plan to go Taipan to eat Korean BBQ.
While waiting for the traffic light in Summit,
the 2 guys suddenly changed their mind.
They wanna go Starhill have fine dining. -.-
As usual, we wear t-shirt, short pant, and slipper.
I wanted to go Pavilion to buy a pair of shoe first,
but they don't allow me.
End up I found a high heel in Jon's car. LOL
Haha. Weird. ^^
Went to Shook Restaurant where Jon used to has his training there.

3 keh lei guai.

As I already ate before I meet them,
I only order cawan mushi ^^

this is what Jon recommended
Snow White Dancing Prawn.
Why the prawn is not dancing or jumping de?

This is what Kai order.
I think it is called Chicken Spring?
Never took the picture of what Jon ate.
Shook noodle. Very nice.

a little bit of arguement
might make us care each other more?
We don't need 24-7 of sweet time

Thursday, October 1, 2009 11:48 PM
First day of October .

Today class finish at 7pm.
Thought can go back home early
but I end up stuck in KL for half an hour.
I don't know why it is so jam. ><

Went to Er Cheng's School after I reached home.
Chung Hwa Primary School is having a lantern festival.
Is been long time that I never play lantern ^^
Nowadays children are so creative.

this is all the lantern

We can't expect that things always went well
but at lease we tried to figure it out and fix it
I still had a great night with you

Monday, September 28, 2009 1:36 AM
Trip of the month,

Genting Highland
Yi , Kai , Xian and Hoong

First time I went for a one day trip with my best friend ^^
oh, and also our love one
Sorry that we delay the plan.
Cause Kai woke up late... =p

On the way to Genting ^^
Xian need to go back earlier,
so we decided to go with 2 cars.

First we arrive there,
we went to buy Outdoor Theme Park Ticket
I knew that Xian will cry.
Cause she only suitable to children rides.
And she really did cry after we sat Cyclone.
I regret that I never bought the picture that they capture.
Cause Xian's face look funny ^^ Hoho.

our ticket ^^

Photo of the day.

the noob couple.

the funny couple.

this is what we get by playing those games.

Me and Kai left Genting around 11,
plan to eat steamboat, Chong Fat in Cheras.
But when we arrive there is already 12 and the shop is preparing to close. T_T
Too bad.
So we simply choose a roadside store and have our dinner.
Not bad, it is cheap and we gain our satisfaction ^^

I think it would be better if we overnight in Genting,
then it won't be that rush.
But I still felt very happy ^^
Love to hang out with you guys.
Looking forward to our next trip.

Bii, Thanks for the trip
It makes me love you even more than before.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 1:46 AM
Happy September.

22 Sept 2009
is Mr. Bankai Tan Wei Shin's Birthday.
Happy Birthday to you my kuantan brother.
^^ Went to Pavilion to meet Margy, Eli and Birthday boy.
Sorry that I cant stay longer to celebrate your birthday at TGIF.

Suddenly receive a stranger call o.0
ask me wanna eat what.
and It is 2a.m
I thought is some pervert, hoho.
When I was about to close the phone,
he told me he is K.O.
LOL... long gone friend come to kk da bao McD.

4 more hours then I will meet my Mista Kai
Cant wait to see him, Xian and Hoong.
Is my first time go to Genting with my best friend ^^
Looking forward to our lovely one day trip.
Hope that it won't be crowd of people.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 12:24 PM
My Red Monday.

Who says Monday is Blue?
My Monday was not blue at all. ^^
It's red.

Went to lakeside today,
cause just bought our own kite on Sunday.
Is first time that the kite can fly so high in the sky.
Lucky that today is a windy day.
I need to get a 1 km string to allow my kite fly higher. ^^

tied the kite string on my body.

Our bat kite.

The soh lou is playing basketball.

At night,
went to my aunty house for a kind of family gathering.
Yummy. Lots of tasty food.

After the gathering,
went to watch midnight show
with Kai, Rou Xian, Russell, and my 2 lil cousin Jeremy and Julien.
The Ugly Truth, a comedy and romance movie.

Only Julien alone watch Gamer...
He's kinda weird person who love to watch movie alone. LOL

dear diary.

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